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Sell your GMT-Master watch the secure and easy way. We offer free quotes with top cash prices instantly. Simply call us or fill our our online form to sell your Rolex watch today.

Popular models we buy:

Sell Your Rolex GMT Master

If you wish to sell your Rolex GMT Master watch, contact us now and we will happily provide you with an instant valuation and cash payments. Our service is convenient, secure and easy.

We take into consideration different factors when valuing your Rolex GMT-Master watch, like the model, the age, condition, and whether it has any original paperwork with it. Selling your Rolex watch online can be a daunting prospect but rest assured that our collection service is a secure method of receiving top cash prices and all within 24 hours. Your Rolex watch will be insured up to a value of £15,000 for that added peace of mind.

You can always pop into our central London store to sell your Rolex watch or to simply have a chat with one of our friendly experts about our range of services.

We are happy to purchase all Rolex GMT-Master watches you wish to sell, such as the Rolex GMT-Master vintage models 6542 and 1675, or the most recent models like the 16710 and the 116710LN.

Contact us on our 24 hour helpline 020 7734 4799 or fill in the on-line form.

Examples of Rolex GMT Master Models We Buy:

Sell Rolex GMT-Master 6542 Introduced in 1954, a Rolex GMT-Master in stainless steel, acrylic crystal, date, water resistant to 50m, Oyster bracelet, rotating bezel.
Sell Rolex GMT-Master 1675 Introduced in 1959, a Rolex GMT-Master in steel, Oyster bracelet, date, with the new imprint on the dial Superlative chronometer Officially Certified.
Sell Rolex GMT-Master 16750 Introduced in 1981, a Rolex GMT-Master in steel, automatic movement calibre 3075, it had the new feature of quickset, water resistant to 100m
Sell Rolex GMT-Master 16760 Introduced in 1983, a Rolex GMT-Master in steel, automatic movement calibre 3085, water resistant to 100m, sapphire crystal glass.
Sell Rolex GMT-Master 16700 Introduced in 1988, a Rolex GMT-Master in steel, automatic movement calibre 3175, water resistant to 100m, sapphire crystal.
Sell Rolex GMT-Master 16710 Introduced in 1989, a Rolex GMT-Master in steel, automatic movement calibre 3185.
Sell Rolex GMT-Master 116710 Introduced in 2007, a Rolex GMT-Master in steel, maxi dial, green 24 hour hand, ceramic bezel, new movement 3186, Rolex engraving on inner bezel ring.
Sell Rolex GMT-Master 116713LN Introduced in 2006, a Rolex GMT-Master in steel and gold.
Sell Rolex Gmt Master Dial

Features of the Rolex GMT Master

Some of the common features of a Rolex watch are:

  • 40mm case
  • Automatic movement
  • 24 hour hand
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Water resistant to 100m
  • Quick set hour hand
  • GMT Bezel

The Rolex GMT-Master is available in steel, steel and gold or full gold, with variation of bezel colour, black, black and red or blue and red (Pepsi).

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