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Don't settle for low offers. Our Rolex experts in London can provide a competitive valuation for your Rolex Cellini. Enjoy a smooth transaction with immediate cash payment when you sell with us

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Sell Your Rolex Cellini Watch

At Sell Rolex Watch Jewellers we understand you wish to sell Rolex watch for the highest price possible and we intend to help you achieve just that. Looking to sell Rolex Cellini for cash? For the most competitive prices come to Sell Rolex Watch Jewellers.

Our sales methods are flexible, you can sell online without having to leave your house or you can sell in person if you feel more comfortable doing so. Our service is both safe and secure.

To selling your Rolex Cellini you must value it first. Fill out our form or contact us via WhatsApp, phone or email to receive a free instant quote. Once agreed upon, payment will be made immediately.

Popular Rolex Watch Models We Buy

We are interested in purchasing all Rolex models such as the Rolex Cellini 50529, 50515, 50525, 50515, 5050 and many other Rolex models. The price we will pay will be determined by the Rolex model, age, condition and whether it has any documentation.
Call 020 3336 0300 for an instant quote or fill in quote form online now.
Call 020 3336 0300 for an instant quote or fill in quote form online now.
Call 020 3336 0300 for an instant quote or fill in quote form online now.
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All Rolex Cellini Watch Models Welcome

Features of the Rolex Cellini Watch

The Rolex Cellini offers classic elegance with a selection of dial colors like black and silver. Crafted from 18ct gold in rose, white, or yellow, it can be paired with a variety of colored leather straps
Rolex Daytona Watch

How do I sell my Rolex Cellini Watch?

We understand you want a fast, secure, and hassle-free experience. At Sell Rolex Watch Jewellers, we offer a convenient and transparent process to get you the best possible price for your watch.

  • Visit our boutique – We are based conveniently in Central London within walking distance from underground tube stations. Schedule an appointment and visit us today with your Rolex Cellini as well as any items that come with it (i.e. box and papers, spare components). Once you arrive our appraiser can carefully inspect your watch and estimate its value there and then. If you find the quote to be agreeable, we can arrange payment before even leaving our shop.
  • Fill out our form – This is the most common method amongst our clients. Simply complete our valuation form, giving us as many details as you can so we can get in touch with you via email, call or live chat to take the enquiry further. Please note we do not require all the details shown in our form, although the more information given, the easier the process will be.
  • After initial contact, if we determine that your enquiry can be taken further, we can offer a fully insured DHL collection to bring your Rolex Cellini to us without leaving the comfort of your home. Upon its arrival, we will conduct a close inspection and get back to you immediately with a price. If, for whatever reason you do not wish to pursue the sale anymore or change your mind, we will return your Rolex Cellini to you in the exact condition it came in – free of charge.

No matter which method you choose, we guarantee the service will leave you more than satisfied. Contact us today for a free quote! We look forward to helping you sell your cellini Rolex watch.

Sell Rolex Cellini Watch
Rolex Cellini Watch

Get Answers to Your Rolex Cellini Selling Questions.

We specialize in Rolex watches and offer competitive prices based on our extensive market knowledge. Our transparent process ensures you understand the factors that influence the value of your watch. Additionally, we provide flexible selling options and fast payouts.

Absolutely. Whether you choose an in-person appraisal or remote service, your Rolex Cellini is always fully insured throughout the process. We prioritize the safety and security of your valuable timepiece.

We offer competitive prices based on several factors:

  • Model and Condition: The specific model and its overall condition significantly impact value.
  • Box and Papers: Having the original box and paperwork increases the watch’s value.
  • Market Demand: The current market demand for your specific Rolex Cellini model also plays a role.

Get a free quote from Sell Rolex Watch for the most accurate estimate.

Sell Rolex Watch Jewellers offers a smooth and convenient process:

  • Free Quote: Get a free, no-obligation quote online or at our boutique in London.
  • Flexible Options: Sell in-person or have your watch securely collected from your home.
  • Expert Appraisal: Our experienced team will carefully inspect your watch to determine its fair market value.
  • Fast Payment: Receive immediate cash payment or bank transfer upon acceptance of our offer.

Once you accept our competitive offer, we can arrange immediate payment in cash at our store or via secure bank transfer. We understand you want a fast and efficient transaction.

We can help! Located conveniently in Central London at 35 Blandford Street, W1U 7HA, we are experts in buying luxury watches, including Rolex Cellini models. With over 20 years of experience, we can offer you a fast, secure, and transparent transaction.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Instant Cash: Sell your Rolex Cellini in person and receive immediate cash payment for your watch after your Rolex valuation.
  • Free, No-Obligation Valuation: Our experienced watch buyers will thoroughly inspect your Cellini to determine its fair market value.
  • Safe and Secure: We prioritize the safety of your Rolex. Our central London location allows for a face-to-face transaction, or we can arrange a fully insured DHL collection for your convenience.
  • Flexible Options: Contact us by phone, email, live chat, or visit us in person to discuss selling your Rolex Cellini.

Ready to sell your Rolex Cellini? Get in touch today!

Book appointment In-store or virtual London at Sell Rolex Watch

Instant Rolex Cellini Valuation & Cash Sale at Central London Boutique

Selling your Rolex Cellini shouldn’t be a hassle. Visit our Central London boutique for an immediate valuation and walk away with cash on the spot.