Do Rolex watches go up in value?

Rolex is recognised across entire world as being the designer and manufacturer of the most coveted watches. It not only offers style and elegance but also quality and all those technical features that make a watch worth its price. However, some of these watches are not readily available. This means you have to wait months or even years to acquire them – Rolex as a company put a limit on the number of watches to be produced every year, to build exclusivity.

Simply put, the demand for Rolex watches far exceeds its supply. That is why Rolex dealers in the second-hand market fetch very high prices for selling their pre-owned Rolex watches. That being said, the second-hand market for luxury watches is booming, which is great news for anyone ready to sell a Rolex.

Investing in Rolex watches:

Rolex watches are among the most prestigious watch brands in the world and to reflect their quality, precision and style they equally have quite the price tag. Not only are Rolex watches high value but their value can also increase, making them a great investment. Selling your Rolex is an excellent way to get a good return on your investment.

How to sell your Rolex:

Many people looking to sell their Rolex watches are hesitant in doing so. The reason being, they wish to avoid the cumbersome process to or the fear of fraudulent activities. At W1 Jewellers we ensure a simple and safe process to sell your Rolex watches. Our transparency and trustworthiness is evidenced by our testimonials and customer reviews.

Here is our guide to give you more knowledge on how to sell your Rolex watches in the UK with confidence:

1) Gather Information about your Rolex:

  • Condition: If you wish to sell your watch at the highest prices, it must be in an very good condition. Although it does not mean it will sell if there are signs of wear and tear. Getting it regularly serviced will keep in it good condition which will help it fetch higher prices.
  • Model: Knowing the model or reference number is a must when selling your watch. This will be required in filling out the online form and also by the buyer. The model number can be easily found on the official papers provided with the watch or you can find it written in the area between the lugs and the bracelet.
  • Changing movement: The seller must know about the charging movement, that can be quartz, manual or automatic.
  • Age: Age has a direct impact on the price. Usually new and contemporary models are sold at high prices but some old vintage models or limited editions can also fetch very high prices.
  • Bracelet or Strap: Although a very minor detail, but whether the watch has a leather strap or a steel/gold bracelet will also determine the price of the watch. Leather bracelets are usually more worn than metal bracelets.
  • The glass of the dial: The dial of your Rolex is an important feature when determining the price of the watch. Any scratches to the dial can reduce the price by a fair bit as it would have to be repaired by the buyer.
  • Box and Papers: All original Rolex watches, when purchased, come with their official documents. It is always advisable to sell your Rolex watches with these papers as they signify the authenticity of the watch as well as increase its value.

 2) Finding a reputable buyer:

Once you have gathered all the information related to your watch, the next step is to find a reputable buyer in the UK. There are multiple avenues to sell your watch but all of them come with their pros and cons. Therefore, we will help you decide which is the best way to sell your pre-owned luxury item.

Pawn Shops: Pawn shops might give the impression of being a reliable and convenient option, but there are some downsides to choosing pawn shops as a place to sell your Rolex. First they might not employ Rolex experts who have a sound understanding to evaluate your Rolex watch. Second, going to pawn shops does not guarantee that you will sell your watch.

Hatton Garden: Easily accessible to London locals, Hatton Garden houses a multitude of Rolex buyers. Just like pawn shops, the buyers at Hatton Garden are not necessarily experienced enough to give you a fair price for your watch. Also, the seller must guard himself or herself against the high-pressure tactics they use to make you sell the watch.

Auction Houses: Auction houses are one of the reliable places to sell your Rolex watches as they do not involve scams and most importantly they hire expert horologists to evaluate the watches. However, convenience and accessibility of auction houses is not guaranteed because the seller has to wait (which could even take months) before an auction happens. Moreover, the auction house will take a percentage of profit from the price of the watch which means the seller gets a reduced amount.

EBay and Craigslist: You must exercise caution when using these services. It is common to experience issues with receiving items or payments – and in cases of conflict, these platforms will tend to side with the buyer.  

W1 Jewellers: With more than 25 years of experience in the luxury watch market, we are expert Rolex buyers with a team of experienced horologists. W1 Jewellers is a well-reputed name in the UK with hundreds of customers vouching for our remarkable customer service. Anyone selling their Rolex can make an appointment through email or phone before visiting and our in-house experts examine your watch and provide you with a fair quote. If you agree to the quote, we will immediately pay you in cash or transfer the amount through bank (whichever is preferred). There are no fees or commissions deducted from your final offer, get your free quote today from our experts. All of these steps take less than 48 hours to accomplish.

3) Get a price quote for your Rolex:

After viewing pros and cons of all the players in the second-hand market, W1 Jewellers should be your best bet in selling your Rolex timepieces. The process to sell your Rolex at W1 Jewellers is simple and safe to follow.

If you wish to sell your Rolex in London call us on 0207734 4799 (24hrs Helpline) or simply fill out our online form.


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